About us

Hey friends!
Welcome to Invanity! Your captains are Elle and Dave, makeup funtime extraordinaires!
The pair of us are based in Australia. We love bright colours, hot weather and spicy food.
Invanity started life as the pipe dream of our spunky alter egos, Rainbow Unicorn and Dr Marshmallow. Shipping to Australia is hard, and usually costly, so we wanted to coax more beauty brands down under to make that process a little less painful! The restless bug hit us hard and after some hand-wringing, doubts and anxious hair-pulling, Invanity is here!
We're here to help you find fun, exciting makeup whether you're just starting your collection, or need new pieces to add. 
So have a browse, check it all out! If you have any questions, drop us a line! We hope you have a pleasant experience!
x Elle and Dave