Magic Rainbow

Magic Rainbow

★ Rainbows are prisms of light formed from water droplets in the sky. That is what the unicorns want you to believe. But rainbows are really the sparkle of their skins, and the laughter of their children. So from now on, whenever you look upon the rainbows you'll know there are unicorns nearby.

☆ Do you look at rainbows and sometimes wish you had them on your nails? Wonder no more! With Magic Rainbow you'll not only have the entire rainbow on your fingertips but you'll be sparkling with all of its silver holographic goodness. This polish is designed to be used on its own and will be opaque in just 2-3 coats.

For best results, apply a base coat before use and finish with a glossy top coat. Holographic nail polishes come alive under direct sunlight. In indoor lighting, holographic polishes appear to have a light shimmering rainbow glow. Shine your phone's flashlight directly at the polish to check out the holographic effect!  

15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.